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Bar soap, your simplest purchase choice ✨

Have you ever considered which soap should you use? Choose bar soap, you will do the best favour to you, your beloved and your planet without any effort.

Bar soap and liquid soap are equally as effective against bacteria and viruses.

However bar soap is a way more sustainable option for 3 main reasons:




"It's simple....choose bar soap 🙌 You will minimise chemicals, reduce waste, save energy and avoid emissions!”


Bar soap usually comes in boxes made of thin cardboard, which uses less material than the thick plastic that liquid soap bottles are made of. Moreover,

👉🏻 when disposed, plastic is way more impactful than cardboard.

👉🏻 when produced, almost 20 times more energy is required in producing plastic soap bottles than cardboard or paper packaging for bar soap.


Liquid soaps require more chemical feedstocks and processing to be manufactured: this translates in average 6/7 times more energy and therefore associated emissions.

Also, when transported, bar soap is much more efficient: it is lighter and can be packaged in stackable bars, which saves a lot of space, requiring fewer transfers.


Usually we have a tendency to use more liquid soap per wash than we would if it were a bar: in average, 6 times more for each hand wash.

As for the use of water, even though we tend to use more water with bar soap, chemicals used in liquid soap require more wastewater to be treated.

Final tip

The cherry on the cake when using bar soap is to split your soap in half. By avoiding wetting the entire bar soap unnecessarily, you will extend its life and use it longer.

"It's simple....divide in two parts your bar soap, it will last longer! 🙌”

What if I really need to buy liquid soap?

You can purchase a re-usable liquid soap dispenser and buy a big container of liquid soap. Remember to dispose it for recycling or re-use when it is empty!

Anything else I can do?

Of course yes, but we want to make it simple for you. For now just start with this, you can already do a great impact, to yourself and the planet.

We will provide more insights soon..stay tuned 🙌

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