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About Us

Nicoletta Centofanti

I am a passionate person that strongly believes each of us can have a positive impact on the people and on the planet for the better.

I am an environmental engineer that seeks to do good and strive for a better world, however I am realising more and more that we must start from ourselves, in our everyday life gestures.

Sustainability and making a positive impact is not only for a niche of fancy hippies, or scientists, academics and politicians.

In fact, we can all be leaders and play an important role while making a positive impact: it's in our hands and it's simple. 

I know, we live busy and challenging life and we need our lifestyle to stay comfortable and of quality. 


But what if it is all about simple things? Would you try if it is easy and it would make you feel good and enhance the wellbeing of each of us?

Protecting us, our beloved and our people, safeguarding our planet and our resources...we can do it. 

It's true, nowadays it's really challenging to live in a sustainable way. We are surrounded by "temptations" and "pitfalls". Also, our standards of living are somehow everything but sustainable. However, if we all are more aware, and try to do our little steps, we will succeed. Let's start together. NOW. 

Just follow these simple steps and start feeling proud of yourself.

I hope you will enjoy this journey. Spread the voice to make an impact.


Andrea Selan

I'm a life explorer and an engineer by chance.

I love to enjoy the outdoor by mountain biking, climbing and ski-touring. I also love experimenting and I try to build any kind of stuff in a sort of intuitive way, thanks to fairly good manual skills. 

Photography and all what flies have always fascinated me.  Combining these passions, I like to produce  short videos with my drone.

Finally, I am an in love husband that after dinner would like to relax watching a nice movie or reading a good book. However, I can not. I have married a volcanic women - who can not live without caring about our planet and our future as human being, and she always come up with new ideas to develop.


Therefore here I am, trying to leverage on my skills to support her on this project, hoping you will enjoy this journey with us.

(In addition, she keeps switching off the lights I leave on around the house but also the one I need ;-), or closing the faucet whenever I brush my teeth).

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