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Survival kit

A survival kit of simple things that allows your to make a huge impact every day with simple steps.
In your free time, when you move around, or at work.

Water bottle

With it you will not need anymore plastic bottles, plus most models keep your drink both cold or warm.

YOU will SAVE 🤩:

👉🏻 365 plastic bottles

👉🏻 14kg plastic,

👉🏻 1000lt water

👉🏻 180euro 

each YEAR 🙌🏻

Metal Water Bottle

Reusable bag

Bring it always with you, also more than one, especially when you do the grocery: you will free up many plastic bags. 

YOU will SAVE 🤩:

👉🏻 160 plastic bags

👉🏻 1kg plastic

👉🏻 23lt water

👉🏻 16euro


each YEAR 🙌🏻

Totebag White


Enjoy fresh air, stay fit, avoid traffic, parking spotting, and polluting: all this is possible simply with your bike.

YOU will SAVE 🤩:

👉🏻 22kg of CO2                 emissions

👉🏻 25 euro (of petrol)


each YEAR 🙌🏻

Bike on the Wall

Assumption for the saving estimate:

Water bottle to replace 1 plastic bottle of 1,5 lt a day; Reusable bag to replace 3 shopping bags a week; Bicycle to be used once a week for 4 km distance. 


“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

― Jane Goodall

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